Terms and Conditions

In JumboPapers.com terms and conditions refers to the use of our website which encompasses the refund policy, privacy policy and revision policy which guides the users of our site. The term client or student refers to the person who gains access to our writing services and he/she is aware of the policies, rules and regulations governing JumboPapers.com.

The term product refers to writing services offered by our company which includes; proposals, thesis, essays, school assignment, book reviews, coursework and term papers. Order refers to the process our clients take to request services fromBestcustomreseach.com. The process starts when the client clicks the order now button and fills other basic requirements on our site.


Before we do any work for our clients we make sure they have understood our terms and conditions. This agreement normally involves JumboPapers.com, clients, writers and editors. Its mandatory to the parties involved and can be terminated after submission of complete work. By accessing our site the client confirms his/her agreement to accept our terms, policies and conditions and he/she is responsible for any omissions, actions, reactions occurring on the website. JumboPapers.com reserves the right to change terms, conditions and policies any time without prior notice.


By using our services you represent and guarantee all information you submit is true and accurate and you will maintain the accuracy of the information. If you are above 18 years, you are allowed by the law to get into legal binding relations and use of our services does not violate laws set by a nation, college or university. We can delete your profile and services terminated without warning.

PROVIDED SERVICES; when you comply with our terms and conditions JumboPapers.com will provide academic writing services. We are not limited to providing our clients with dissertations, book reports, term papers and other assignments. Our services also includes; paraphrasing, editing, formatting existing papers for our clients and rewriting a plagiarized paper. Services are provided to clients who place their orders on our site. The format of presenting our papers include the following, double spaced, MS word file, New Times Romans, bibliography on a separate paper, titles and reference pages and approximately 250 words.


When placing an order you must give accurate information. Any consequences which may rise as a result of misunderstanding, the client is responsible for that in case he/she provided us with wrong information. You will also be asked to give final confirmation to the information you gave earlier. Instructions are confirmed few hours after placing you order. Orders with unconfirmed instructions will be delayed and the client will be responsible for that. Only papers with confirmed instructions will be delivered. An order may require additional charge if you change the instructions you had given earlier.

PAYMENT; All payment are inclusive of levies and taxes as set by revenue authority and the client is responsible for that payment. JumboPapers.com reserves the right to change its charges. Our term and conditions also includes discount and verification policies.


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