Statistical Analysis

Studying for a university degree is a comprehensive undertaking that calls for many skill sets. Carrying out a detailed statistical analysis is one such requirement. Unfortunately, statistical analysis is complex as it is demanding and comes with a horde of specialist skills that in their own respect constitute a whole new degree course. Most students have heavy academic burdens as it is and so the knowledge of software tools such as Eviews, Stata, R, SPSS, Excel and MATLAB only adds to this burden.

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Our tutors are adept at conducting all manners of research; from simple, single-focused studies probing specific areas to studies that seek to interpret huge and multifaceted sets of data. Contextually, the best college essay tips we offer include statistical concepts on basic statistics, probability, descriptive statistics, discrete probability distributions, and confidence intervals for statistical identities such as the mean, proportion and standard deviation. Other concepts we cover include tests of hypothesis, continuous probability distributions and all manners of regressions, to name only a few.

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