PRIVACY GUARANTEE cares more about your privacy. Our privacy policy is a legal document that uses, manages and discloses our clients’ data in line with our principles. We cannot ask for personal information such as the level of your income, gender, date of birth, and address for no reason unless we truly need it. We don’t store your personal information in our servers, neither can we share it. The information we get from our client is stored safely. We are concerned with information security and have invested heavily on protection system where we store essential information on powerful servers. All information from our clients either personal or general is secured via secure socket layer system and when completing a payment, we only allow partners who are verified to access our databases.

When transferring data from our systems to the customer’s computer, the small texts are stored in the hard drive if the owner of the computer allows us. This process allows us to monitor user’s behaviour and activities they are carrying out on our site. Through this, we get useful information allowing us to improve our services. We don’t pass the information we get to third parties. We use our powerful system to provide maximum protection on personal data and only allow our authorized staff to access personal information for the purpose of processing an order placed. When arranging surveys or market we can only reveal non –personal information.
We have a Child Protection Policy where we cannot offer our services to persons under the age of 13. Anybody above the age of 13 can be our client and can access our services.

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