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Plagiarism is the act of using other people’s work or ideas and presenting or publishing it as yours. All work is done either manually or online, the copyright is reserved for the person who did the work. To plagiarize means to pass other people’s ideas as your own ideas.
The following acts are considered as plagiarism:

• Presenting other people’s work as your own work
• Failure to put quotation and quotation marks to show whey you have got the ideas or work
Poor/no citation
Giving wrong information about where you have got the information
Changing words but copying the sentence structure without acknowledging the owner of the work

We at Jumbopapers are aware of plagiarism rules and have come up with supportive policies to fight plagiarism and ensure the work we present to our client is original and of high quality as per our standards. Our zero plagiarism policy guides our staff as they write. Furthermore, we have a plagiarism check system where we check every work done by our staff before submitting it to our clients. We believe that to avoid plagiarism, you have to understand it first.

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