Our money back guarantee policy gives the client the right to request for a refund at any time. Though we have very few cases where clients have requested for refunds, we still want to guarantee our clients that they can ask for money back if they are not satisfied with the quality of work provided.

We refund money under the following situations:

When a customer cancels an order that has been assigned and half the allowed time has already elapsed. In such case, we will refund the client up to 50% of the payment made.

If the writer cancels an order and already half the allowed time has elapsed then we shall refund 100%. This, however, does not apply to these and dissertations that require considerable time and resources to write. In such situations, will only reimburse 30% of the payment made.

Other circumstances that warrant refunds include:

If a client does a double payment, we will refund 100% of their second payment since it is their right to reclaim the money. Our payment processing system will notify you in case this happens by issuing two receipts. If such a situation arises, we request the client to contact us by forwarding the two receipts to the company’s email, and once verified, your money shall be refunded to you.

In case the custom research paper or academic essay we submit to you is unsatisfactory, you are allowed to request in writing for a refund within three days of delivery. If we do not receive your refund request within three days, we shall assume that you are satisfied with your order thus a refund will not be given.

A customer who wants to cancel an order and request a refund should do so in writing and send a request to us through our company email, We retain the right to approve or disapprove such requests.

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