Essay Outline

Writing an essay requires one to start with a premium essay outline. An essay outline format that is well structured helps you present and highlight your thoughts and ideas of the argument in an organized manner. Outlines should guide the student in writing and explaining their points in a clear, coherent, precise, and logical manner. A well-structured essay outline assists students in writing a well-organized and professional academic essay that clearly explains their arguments and recommendations. Students have difficulty writing a well-organized essay thus seek professional assignment help from online academic writing companies.


There are different essay outline templates that entail using heading with markers or using headers without a marker. The essay outline should start with a title that is commonly placed at the top, followed by other sections and subsections.


Essay outline example


A professional academic essay should have a title that is centered followed by the following:


  • Essay Introduction
  1. A good thesis statement
  2. Sentence explaining the central idea


  • Body
  1. Point 1
  2. Gathered information that is reliable
  3. Discussion and analysis
  4. Point 2
  5. Collected reliable data
  6. Analysis and review of the information


  • Conclusion/Summary
  1. Highlighting the main ideas and using supporting reliable evidence
  2. Conclusion and recommendation achieved
  3. A thesis statement that is brief and detailed


  • References
  1. The academic sources and scholarly sources used.


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