Dissertation Format

Dissertation Writing


Dissertation writing is a form of writing that aims to generate unique research work based on an evidently distinct topic. Mainly, it is a task usually assigned to final year students taking undergraduate as well as graduate programs within the scope of studies offered in universities. The breadths of study disciplines notwithstanding, the different courses have their own unique ways that they expect their students to adhere to, rather strictly.




Dissertation writing adopts a consistent pattern that follows various steps. First, it should have an abstract. Mainly, the abstract gives an introductory statement that that highlights the methodology the study adopts and summarizes the findings. An abstract as such, ought to be very concise and should compel appealing original points of the writer.




After the abstract, comes an introduction. This segment of the dissertation is equally as essential and in almost all instances, should be pretty longer than the abstract. This is because it critically indicates the thoughts of the writer as presented in the write-up. Nonetheless, it should not be very analytical than the chapters which follow.




Additionally, the writer should include an overview of the theories to be discussed within the dissertation writing. However, it is essential for a writer to be aware of the details required in the overview section. For instance, if the writer is student in a discipline of humanities, the overview should dwell more on philosophical works, or a line of study closely related to his or her major. On the other hand, an overview of a student in the sciences should focus more on methodological theories.




The main body of dissertation writing should critically analyze the findings. Depending on the length of the findings, the main body can as well be a little bit more complex than the other chapters.



In summation, the conclusion should be brief. In all, unique dissertation writing will demand effective use of communication as well as the intellectual skills.


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