Discount Policy

We at have a unique discount policy that helps cut the cost our clients pay for the quality custom writing services we offer. Our two automatic discounts depend on the quantity of products and bundling model you opt for. In addition, we offer a special rate to our clients who share their experiences of our services and invite their friends to use our custom research writing service. The automatic discounts are:

Best Custom Discount

This discount is available to anyone who orders more than two products at the same time. Essentially, it means that procuring our custom research writing services in large quantities saves you money.

Price-Break Discount

This price is available to our regular clients. We give up to 60% discount to our returning clients.

Negotiable Discounts

Negotiable discounts apply to customers who are buying our custom writing services for the first time. These discounts come as special offers. Feel free to talk to our customer support desk when placing an order to find out what discounts are open to you.

We at take pride in the services we offer. If you use our product and thereafter, mail a testimonial regarding our custom research writing services, you automatically qualify for a discount on your next order.

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