CV Writing

Most people, upon graduating from colleges, hope they can get stimulating and richly rewarding jobs that set them on great career paths. Let us face it; who does not want to earn more money, buy flashy cars, live in a nice house and be able to afford life’s luxuries? The barrier between you and any well-paying job is a recruitment agent who has to sift through hundreds of CVs to settle on the leading candidate. This is the reason we at Jumbo Papers strive to be more than just a platform advising on how to write a case study. Instead, we also offer CV writing services with the aim of giving you the best resume you can possibly get your hands on.


An excellent CV should present your strong points and market you as the best candidate for the job. While most CVs do this in the long run, a recruiting agent has on average, 30 seconds to skim through the many CV submitted to choose the right candidate. Essentially, this demands, therefore, that your CV captivates the recruiting agent enough to give you an interview slot. We have CV writers that can help you achieve just this. We will help you research the prospective employer and craft your CV around their ethos and the position you are interested in.


Over time, we have proved that this approach increases you chances of landing the job by more than 34%. In addition, we will help you present the CV professionally but with the necessary teasers and tag lines such as key skills and buzzwords of the industry.


Boost your chances of landing the job by ordering your CV from Jumbo Papers, the expert CV and cover letter writing platform. We give each CV an individual approach, infuse inside industry knowledge and customise it appropriately so your goals are appropriately addressed.

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