Revision Policy

Our devoted team at keeps their tabs on emerging new ideas to improve our writing services. The outcome of our work demonstrates quality performance on every paper you order from us. Each chore is done and presented in line with the instructions you give. We have come up with special revision policy to make sure any adjustments can be made on a paper. We offer unlimited revision at no extra charge ten days after the client has received the paper.

At we are always ready to do necessary amendments if requested by our clients to ensure our papers meet their expectations. After receiving a paper from us you can go through it and if it doesn’t meet your specifications you can send it back for revision.

We have created a revision policy which covers many situations that our clients encounter. We have done this to avert any possible misunderstandings and inconveniences between our clients and us. We meet all requirements given to us by clients with the help of our team who over time have gained adequate experience. We keep on changing our revision policy according to the rising needs of our clients. Basic conditions for paper revision include;

  • If the initial instruction contradicts the instructions given at confirmation stage, revision can be done. If the client feels like applying new changes he/she has to pay 75% of the preliminary price.
  • Free paper revision can be done 10 days after the paper is presented. Any revision requested after the 10thday calls for extra cost.
  • If a client requests for paper revision. He/she can contact us by sending detailed instructions together with the deadline via our email or through our official website.
  • We also give our client room to choose the writer to do their revision. This happens when a writer has done more than three revisions and the client still has strong reasons that the work is not done to his/her specifications.
  • All revision must pass through our customer service department.

Our team works round the clock to accept our client’s revision requests.

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