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In 2009, confronted by the struggle he witnessed among most of his students, Evans Trudge founded JumboPapers.com. In the years that followed, the platform has grown to become a leading provider of online essay writing services specializing in proposals, term papers, essays, assignments and dissertations to students from all over the world.

Jumbopapers is the number one provider of student writing services. And, as a world leader, our systems are easy to use.

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 We have a simple ordering system where all clients can provide details of the assignment or homework that they intend to order. Below is a tab ‘Click Here to Order Now!’ that leads you to a simple form. Here, you should enter all the requisite details. Our team will then pick it from here, and use the details you provide to create quality papers to meet all your needs.

After checking out and confirming payment, we will assign your order to the most qualified writer. The quality assurance team will work with the writer to ensure that you receive a custom paper that is plagiarism free and of the highest quality.

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